How You can Benefit from Using a Doctoral Dissertation Example

Dissertations are not an easy task at all, they are very stressful. They take time and energy.  Starting one is one of the hardest things a student/ writer will have to do.  For the student who is working on a dissertation one of the best things they can do is use an example dissertation to have an idea of how to work their own creation.

Using an example of a dissertation is a great resource for any student who is completing a dissertation. Since they have never done it before, it can act as their recipe for the paper.  No one is going to be able to bake a cake from scratch without a recipe, why would they be able to do so with a paper without a guide.

An Example Can

  • Give the student/ writer a guideline to follow.  The example gives the writer the know-how to lay out margins, tabs and other format idea. Having a visual aid of the overall paper should be set up will be one of the first problems that the student/ writer will have to deal with.
  • Give the student/ writer material dos and don’ts.  They can review the example and see what sort of material can be added to their own creation and what should not.
  • Give the student/ writer a comparison point.  While they work on their own piece they can always look back at the example and know what they are doing.
  • Give the student/ writer an idea of how the topic will need to work within their paper.  The example will show them how the topic is woven through the piece to get from the introduction to the conclusion.

Having a well written example can really improve the student/writer’s chances of completing a work that will not only be a great original piece for them to have under their belt, but be a work that they are proud of.

Using an example as a point of comparison will really give the writer/student the chance to see how things operate in a dissertation.  Using one will be the recipe that will work for them. They will have all the components of the work laid out for them.  All they will need to do is write a work that expresses their viewpoints on the topic.  The example can be one of the best resources for the student.