Composing A Winning Dissertation Introduction: Tips And Tricks

The introduction is the most critical component of your dissertation. The first impression your professor gets is shaped by the introduction. So you must be careful about the way you write it and make sure there are no silly mistakes that may distract the examiner. There are however a few key ingredients and basic structural examples which you can follow in order to make it perfect and create a favorable impression on your professor.

Some tips and tricks you must keep in mind while writing the introduction

  • Begin the paper with the statement of purpose. Make it strong and to the point. It should be able to express what the paper is all about. In a way it justifies the hard work you have put behind the paper and why you have thought the topic to be important.
  • Then you will have to define your topic in the introduction. Now it is recommended that you write your introduction only after you have finished the rest of the paper. Often the initial topic changes a little once a person has made significant progress into the paper.
  • The next part of the introduction has to be about the methodology. It should discuss the approach you have made towards the statement you have made. The methods undertaken to establish the hypothesis. Do not go in too many details but give a brief overview of the approach you wish to undertake.
  • The best way to clarify to your reader is through objective questions. You will have to give answer to the research questions in concise and coherent statements. This will make the reader more aware of the topic and decide on whether they wish to find out more about it or not.
  • Give a well written hypothesis that is logical. You will have to reason and prove the hypothesis. Even when some dissertations do not prove the truth of a hypothesis it is the deciding factor and hence must be logical and strong.
  • The introduction should present a clear visual on the scope of the project. Even when you are going to write recommendations in the conclusion, the scope of the project is different. You will have to write how the research is going to help future students and anyone who wish to find out more about the topic. Make it interesting and meaningful.