Dissertation on methodology: how to find free examples

When pursuing a doctorate degree in many universities, the classes involved in receiving said degree often require the writing of a dissertation, or thesis as it is known in classes toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree. One of the key parts of a well-written dissertation is the explanation of the methodology used to obtain the information compiled in the text. If you are having difficulties with writing this part of the dissertation successfully, how can you find free examples of methodology sections from other successful dissertations?

Search Engines

One way to find free examples of methodologies in dissertations is by harnessing the power of online search engines. Simply using the keywords “methodology” and “dissertation” together will lead you to a variety of pages with free examples of acceptable methodology sections by:

  • Universities who publish acceptable examples for their students to use in their dissertations
  • Former students who want to share what strategies worked for them when they finished their dissertations
  • Teachers who explain what they look for when they study their students’ dissertations

Scholarly Sections

Related to the use of search engines is a recent innovation in online help for those who are looking for free examples of methodology sections in dissertations: the scholarly sections found in certain search engines. These allow a free search of dissertations published by established scholars, culled from various peer-reviewed journals. In fact, a quick search in the scholarly corner of these search engines using the keyword “methodology” will show:

  • Articles that generally explain how to write a proper methodology depending on what type and which subject you are discussing in the dissertation
  • Theses that specify common mistakes that are made by students who are assigned these projects, as well as advice concerning the improvement of a dissertation’s quality by slight modifications in the methodology sections
  • Dissertations that dissect the process of planning and designing a dissertation methodology while using examples to prove the necessary components of a successfully written methodology section

Therefore, if you need to finish your dissertation and feel that your methodology section is not up to the standard you or your peers expect of the project, you have various avenues to explore when seeking out free examples of properly written methodologies in dissertations. Keeping in mind that a successful dissertation is essential to obtaining a coveted doctorate degree, you would do well to investigate thoroughly different approaches to dedicating your research to paper and explaining the method to your research.