How to find reliable Masters dissertation examples

The say you are about to write a Masters dissertation. There are a number of things you can do to make the task easier and the result better. The first is to find reliable examples of a Masters dissertation. Why would you do this? Well primarily because you can always learn by copying excellent work. Now by copying I don't mean as in plagiarism copy but rather in learning from the skill and expertise exhibited by the writer of the Masters dissertation.

  • What is the structure that they've used for their dissertation?
  • What is the format that they have used?
  • Does the abstract relate precisely to the finished product?
  • Does the writing flow throughout?
  • Is it a blemish free dissertation?

Now going through examples of a Masters dissertation looking for answers to the above questions will make you aware of what creates an excellent example. This is particularly so when the dissertations you are studying have received a first-class result. Why did they get that result and how can you use the methods and techniques in your own writing?

What is the structure they have used? Can you clearly identify such things as the abstract, the introduction, the thesis statement, the main and minor points, etc.? The MLA and APA formats are common. Which format has been used the example? Does the abstract clearly encapsulate the content of the dissertation? And does the content open up and flow as you read? Is the work free of mistakes?

Of course finding examples of reliable Masters dissertations is the key to your success. There are a number of sources. Your supervisor who most likely will have supervised many students before you in the writing of a dissertation may well have examples for you to study. The library in your college will be a resource facility into which you can tap. Take advantage of the knowledge of the librarians in your college library.

There will be a vast array of examples of Masters dissertations online. Finding examples in the genre or subject area of your choice is made much easier depending on the wording you use in your search engine. Reading a dissertation on English literature when your chosen subject is the psychology may have some benefits but like for like is a better way to go. Remember that the whole purpose of you looking for and then reading reliable Masters dissertation examples is to make you a better writer.