Who can help me write a dissertation for my master's degree?

Organization for a Paper

The most appropriate time to consider how you will organize your master’s dissertation paper is the pre-write phase. Do not leave this consideration for your writing phase or your revising phase. Having a well organized plan for your paper will save you from having to reorganize after your first draft is finished. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to pay better attention to sentence-level corrections when you sit down to edit your paper.

When you start organizing your paper it is best to ask yourself some questions:

What is the type of essay you have to write?

Is it part of a specific genre or type? (such as a cause and effect essay, a compare and contrast essay, a lab report, an article review, or a book review) If you know the patterns of writing and argument structure associated with the type of paper you are writing, it will greatly help you to structure your paper.

For example: if you are writing a book review, you might learn that it often begins with a summary of the book that you are reviewing. Then it moves on to a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the book. It might conclude with an assessment of the book’s value. These features can help you to divide your potential book review into three key components:

  1. the summary
  2. the discussion
  3. the evaluation

The second part (the discussion) will likely be broken down into two subsequent parts: the strengths and the weaknesses. But of course it would be your decision whether to analyze one over the other first.

Please note that not all genres or types are fixed, meaning, not all of them have precise sections and subsections you can follow. Some professors will further define the features of the genre you are assigned so it is important o read over your assignment carefully and look for any additional guidance.

Understanding the requirements of your genres will only get you so far. Many essays required of you in a university setting are argumentative which means they have no set pattern for the manner in which you shape your argument. Many of the time, a three point-high-school-style essay is too restrictive for what you have to cover in your essay. This is why you must be prepared to come up with a structure that is best suited for you to convince your reader that your position is valid. You have to be flexible in this regard and rely on your wits.