How to write a winning Master's thesis in APA format

Writing a master’s thesis in APA (American Psychological Association) format will likely depend on guidelines and instructions you receive for the project. Schools often vary when it comes to producing thesis content due to subjects being studied and school standards. Yet, following such format is important when preparing your paper. When following APA style elements such as headings, subheading, paragraphs and citations are presented in a specific manner. When you understand basic areas you increase the likelihood of getting your work published and reviewed. The following points provide basic insight to keep in mind when following APA style formatting for your master’s thesis.

  • Seek sample master thesis content writing in APA format based on your school standards. You can study the content to get a better idea of what is expected of you.
  • Your title page should display details such as your name, instructor name and date. The title of your thesis will also appear. On the header of the following pages you may include your title and a page number. This information is flush right.
  • Each section or chapter of your thesis will be centered on the page with a bold font. If you have a subheading or subsection this will appear underneath the section or chapter title. It may appear flush to the left.
  • Typing your content may include double-spacing sentences. You should have defined paragraphs with a tab set at a specific measurement to keep them flush when you start a new one.
  • As you type your text into paragraph form at the beginning of each you can indent or press tab at the first sentence. You may need to do this when you add quoted text. Keep in mind you will be required to note who said the quote.
  • Use parenthesis when citing an author. You would use their last name, the publication date and page number it came from. You will do this for each quote you mention throughout your work.
  • The font may be set smaller for wording used with charts, figures or graphs. For instance, you may type your paper with a 12 point font but us 10 point with figures. The word figure should be in italics when mentioned. The font used for typing may be a standard Times Roman but it should be easy to read.