PhD Dissertation Topics Can Be Found Everywhere Around

PhD dissertation is by far the most complex and critical paper that a student has to do in his academic career. The main reason why students are obsessed with their PhD dissertation is that they need to get their doctorate degree, which would not be possible if their paper gets rejected. The most important part of the dissertation writing process is choosing a topic for your research. A topic, that is unique, relevant, specific, and of your interest is very important for your research work.

How to find a Dissertation Topic

Students usually have problems in choosing the right topic because they are too overwhelmed and get confused between different options. Here are a few tips that will help you find the right topic for your dissertation

Read dissertations written by your seniors that scored an A

The dissertation writing process is tough one and requires the student to be familiar with the style and tone of the dissertation. Most of the students are doing it for the first time and have no clue what are the dos and don’ts of dissertation writing. It is a good idea to read dissertation by different authors to get an idea of the style and format. You can also check how to form a topic and what the similarities between all the topics are

Choose a topic that follows your passion

If you are to write thousands of words on a certain topic, it is mandatory that you have interest in the topic. Otherwise, you will get bored when you are half way through and will be stuck in the middle. To keep the flow of ideas, it is important that you write about something that you have a passion for

Carry out a literature review to analyze the background of the subject

If you are about to write a PhD thesis, it is most likely that you will be aware of the literature review and how it is carried out. Doing a literature review will help you in triggering more ideas.

Ask for help and read others’ advice

By help, it does not mean you have to copy someone else’s ideas or topics. Help means that you need to ask your seniors, friends, and teachers to give you a neutral opinion about your topic. They might identify something you have missed when they see it from a critical eye