PhD Thesis Example: Places to Search For


If you are going for your PhD, congratulations, this will be an exciting journey for you. Striving for a better life for you is indeed something to be very happy about. Having a PhD will no doubt give you bragging rights, as well as an extensive knowledge on the topic you choose.

Your topic should be about something special to you, something you will not tire of after two or three years of researching it. Of course at times it will get tiresome, just try and stay passionate about it, remind yourself that once you are done, you will have your Doctorate in which ever subject you are shooting for. This is a very big task but also a highly respectable one. Nearly anything can be chosen as a topic for you to write about, so long as it pertains to your field of study.


Places to Search for Your PhD Topic

As long as you are willing to do some searching, you can look for possible topics anywhere. Below is a list of places for you to go and inquire or to look up.

  • Ask your advisor (if you have one) if he/she has any ideas that would be of an interest to you for your PhD.
  • Ask other people who have successfully completed their PhD’s how they came up with a topic.
  • Search online for completed PhD’s that you can read, maybe one of those will give you inspiration.
  • If you do find something you are interested in, try to see if you can shed a new light on it.
  • Is something on the news, or in the media that is bothering you? See if your advisor thinks it would be a viable topic option for you.
  • Depending on what you are trying to achieve your PhD in, search for relevant topics pertaining to that field.

Once you finally do find something that piques your interest, make sure you hang onto it. Keep chipping away at it until you see it differently than before. Write everything down so you will not have any issue remembering how you were able to see it differently. Once you have done that, figure out a way to help other people see it the way you do. If possible, make your PhD paper all about how to see something we have always known about, only in a different light.