Composing PhD Theses: List of Amazing Topics

When you are ready to figure out what you are going to do you dissertation on, the first thing you need to do is consider what the thesis of your paper will be. During this process you must first think of what kind of research has already been done. Then you have to figure out where you want your research to go and what kind of questions you want answered. When you have narrowed down the subjects, you should pick one that you will be interested in for a long time. If you pick a subject that you enjoy the process of it will feel less daunting.

Kinds of PhDs

There is no magic list that you can choose from for your topics but there are some different types of theses that various degree programs use. This list will help narrow the type you will be using for your thesis.

  • Discover a new area of your field: You can research a new area of your field of study. This will be something fresh and not done before, so it will make for some interesting reading.
  • Answer an unresolved question: In any field of study, there are always questions that have not been answered yet. You can answer those questions for you thesis.
  • Explore an area more thoroughly: Examining an area more in depth can be the way to go for your thesis.
  • Challenge known knowledge: Taking something that has already been researched and challenging it, is something you can consider in choosing your thesis.
  • Experimentally proving a hypothesis: In your thesis you can prove a hypothesis, if only temporary as a thesis.
  • Provide first hand data: Since you are the one doing the work, your thesis could be one that provides you with data that you have seen for yourself.
  • Obtain better algorithms: When you are doing an experiment for you thesis you will have to find the right algorithm to you research. This algorithm can be what your thesis is based on.
  • Advance original methodologies: Having a thesis that advances the field of study is one that you can use in many degree programs. It is always fun to find out something new and advance you knowledge.

This is just a general list of what most theses outcomes are and where you should start your research. If you want to get ideas for amazing topics, read other’s dissertations and ask your advisors their opinion. Talking with them might be the push you need to pick a great topic.