Getting a Quality Dissertation Prospectus Sample for Free

Students have to write assignments every day. Some of them are easy and fun, while others can be really hard to complete and meet a deadline. A dissertation prospectus refers to the latter and it is not surprising that many applicants fail to prepare it properly. However, you will save your time and perform better if you have a quality sample of a dissertation prospectus. Where can you get one?

The most obvious place to search for a dissertation example is an online repository. But you can find out that it charges high prices for access. An independent researcher often looks for free options which may include the following:

  • Check home web-pages of the authors.
  • Today many scientists publish whole papers or their parts on their personal pages. You can get lucky and even find a pre-print, but accepted version of a paper free of charge. Some professors are so open for communication with other researchers, especially students, that they can send you their papers if you politely ask them to. Find an email address of an author and explain how it is important for you to read their work. You have every prospect of success.

  • Visit a state library.
  • Most libraries today provide access to online databases of academic journals and numerous publications. In the library everyone can request a journal or a book from storage and make some copies of the pages you need. Some state libraries may offer an overwhelming number of resources which are easily available online. So, check the libraries around you and do not hesitate to subscribe.

  • Go to a local university.
  • You do not have to enroll for a degree program to visit a university library. Modern research libraries provide endless options and experienced personnel will help you to find whatever you are interested in. Numerous workshops and presentations in a library regarding different topics may be really helpful for your study and research.

  • Search the Web.
  • It is also a good idea to use a search engine and look for downloadable PDF resources. For example, some conference proceedings and PhD theses are available for everyone for free. Many university websites offer free dissertation samples or at least their abstracts.

  • Ask your friends and colleagues for help.
  • People you know may surprise you and share the options that you won’t find yourself. Some advice may be really helpful and save your time.