An Elaborate Guide On How to Write a PhD Paper Proposal

The first thing about a PhD paper proposal, is that it must be informative. When the Committee reads it, they should know you understand what is expected of you. This is your statement on why you should be accepted. It is not a brag piece. Although you need to show them that you are capable and willing to do what is needed. Look at it like a job application, which you have to prove to the prospective employer your worth.

  1. Review school/major requirements
  2. Pick your topic
  3. Select your material
  4. Create your Thesis
  5. Proof and edit

Review school/department requirements

To begin with, each school and the departments will have certain guidelines that must be adhered to. Review all of them, and make notes on what you must provide in your Thesis. If your thesis does not meet these requirements, your thesis will not be accepted.

  • Word count
  • Formatting
  • Style (APA, MLA, OSCOLA, ect.)
  • Subject material

Pick your topic

With the information from the school/department guide, now pick your topic. Sometimes there might be a requirement on the subject material, this you would have found in the guidelines. But basically you want to focus on your area of study. What is it you want to do in PhD courses? What are you looking to accomplish with your schooling? This is where you get to talk about it. So you want your topic to express this to the committee.

Select your material

Choosing the best material for your work will give you an edge. You have likely read and watched numerous material on this subject. Now pick what you know the best material to develop your thesis. Use a verity of older studies and modern studies to show how this subject has developed.

Create your Thesis

Now work on creating your thesis. Taking everything from above, and combining it into a through paper. Remember a Proposal can be between 40 to 70 pages in length. In this show how you want to take your field further, because you see something there. Even if it is just to help people, prove that you can take this field and do something with it.

Proof and edit

When you finished, proof read and edit your work. Take a day off and clear your head, then come back fresh and start proof reading and editing. Then have someone else proof read and edit your work. No one gets it right the first time, expect to go over it a few times.