Be Precise When Composing Finance Dissertation Topics

If you are composing a finance dissertation you need to find the perfect topic before you can begin the research or writing. Since the dissertation is a long process it is best to do this as soon as possible.

Finding Topics

For finance research papers, review the information below and see if any of the example topics inspire you. You can use them as they are or refine them to better fit your paper:

  • Write about market regulation
  • Write about an inventory model for cash management of bank vaults
  • Write about the cost of capital on regulating bank balance sheet choices
  • Write about measuring the rate of return
  • Write about predicting bank failure
  • Write about the economics of scale in banking
  • Write about the efficiency of econometric forecasts
  • Write about social security portfolios
  • Write about futures and the effects it will have on money demand
  • Write about measuring wealth

Of course the key here is to find a topic that is not so broad that you drown in the sea of available resources but also not so narrow that you run out of information on which to write mid way through your page length requirements. As you research it is important to take proper notes. Use note cards and highlighters to keep track of the data and statistics you want to integrate into your final dissertation. Also note the citation on the back.

Writing Your Outline

The outline is an important component in writing your research paper. It comes after you have conducted in-depth research and taken proper notes. With this material in hand, you are prepared to brainstorm where your main topic will go and what supporting evidence is best for each point you make. You do not have to write an outline that is sentence structured. It can be fragmented. You just need to be sure you do the brainstorming part of it. Ask yourself:

  • Does this particular statistic belong at the end? Should it go in the beginning?
  • Is the anecdote suitable for my introduction or not?
  • Should paragraph B be re-arranged and replace paragraph C?

This part of brainstorming is crucial to writing your research paper. While it might take longer than your other steps, it will be worth it. It lays the foundation for writing the final paper.