Writing a Master’s thesis: Hints for Making a Proper Structure

Writing a master’s thesis is a huge task and one which cannot be taken lightly. Writing a thesis is a unique experience and there is no hard and fast rule on the best way to structure it. As postgraduate student, you have to decide what kind of structure will suit your thesis after consulting with your head of the department and by reading other thesis of your senior post graduate students in your university library. All the postgraduate thesis are unique to some extent but there are 2 basic structure that a postgraduate thesis can follow. PhD students can structure the thesis as a series of journal articles and submit them for publication to professional journals in their respective fields. This will spare you the effort of writing thesis and publication articles separately.

A better way to structure a Master’s thesis is by writing it in the form of a book which consists of different chapters. The number of chapters will depend on the specific research project and the course duration.  Depending on the scope of your thesis you are describing you can decide the right time to start it. In some cases the thesis will be short and in some cases it will be long, especially if you are doing a PhD.

The best ways to write a good thesis is by finishing the draft of your thesis as early as possible and send it for review by your superior, so that he will correct it and point out errors if any. This process has to be repeated a few times so that you can structure your thesis properly and avoid making mistakes. Read academic articles and search different resources on the internet to help you get adapted to the academic style of writing.

 An important part of the master’s thesis is bibliography and you must maintain a track of it as it will prevent you from confusing yourself with large amount of data you require to write your thesis. The best way to track it is by creating a database where you can summarize the chapters into bullet points to help you remember the content. You can also use software such as EndNote which will help you organize your bibliography. Finally you have to follow the guidelines of your university to write your Master’s thesis.