Answers To Popular Questions Related To Dissertation Defense

What is a dissertation defense?

The dissertation defense is the first step in writing the dissertation to receive one’s PhD degree or Masters’ degree.

The dissertation defense entails the following:

  1. The student gives a presentation on the proposed subject matter for the dissertation.
  2. The presentation provides evidence and information as to why the dissertation committee should allow the student to do the dissertation on the chosen subject.
  3. After giving the presentation, the doctoral student must provide the dissertation committee with a written proposal of the presentation.
  4. Based on the presentation and written proposal, the dissertation committee will make their decision as to whether or not the selected topic is good for the student’s dissertation.

The doctoral student only has 30 minutes to present their dissertation defense.

During the presentation of the defense, the student has to present the committee with the major components of the proposal.

The major components of the dissertation proposal are as follows:

  1. The study’s purpose and background.
  2. The questions that will be researched and answered.
  3. Literature that will be reviewed.
  4. Methodology.
  5. The steps proposed to complete the dissertation.

Here are the steps to conducting a dissertation defense presentation:

1: Start the dissertation defense presentation by explaining to the committee the importance of the research.

2: Explain why you want to do the study on the selected subject matter.

3: Show the dissertation committee that you have a clear understanding of the subject.

4: Prepare for the presentation by thinking of questions that will be asked by the committee and your responses to the questions.

5: Write your defense proposal and follow the format of the college when writing the proposal.

Here are a few questions that may be asked at a dissertation defense presentation:

What is the main purpose for selecting the subject matter?

What will be the outcome and major goal of the dissertation research?

Where and how did you gather the information, data, facts, and evidence to support the thesis statement?

What type of experimental tests and experiments will you use to answer the thesis statement?

What is the main purpose of doing the dissertation on the particular subject matter?

What sources and resources will be used to conduct research on the subject matter of the dissertation?

What analysis methods will be used to get the proper results from the experiments and tests?