Online Writing Help: A Dissertation Acknowledgment Example

Do you want to submit your dissertation in a few more days? Are you done with the research and writing process and need to organize your dissertation into sections and different chapters? Are you struggling with the acknowledgment section of your dissertation? Do you want to use an online writing agency to help you with the acknowledgment section of your paper? Do you want to make a strong impression with this section because it is critical for your paper? Do you think an example acknowledgment will help you complete your own? Do you want to know the exact format and length for your acknowledgment paper? Did you consider searching online for good examples of a dissertation acknowledgment? Do you have enough ideas but do not know how to compile them in an academic manner for your paper?

An acknowledgment is certainly important for your paper. Whether you are writing a thesis or a dissertation, you will need to start with an acknowledgment page. This is similar to a dedication page. The purpose of an acknowledgment paper is to show who you have dedicated your work to. It is also important because it shows who the inspirations for research were and who helped you with your paper.

  • You need to start by giving a title to your page. This should say “acknowledgment” in capital letters. This should be centralized in your page. You can do this in a Microsoft word document
  • You should include a Roman numeral page number on this page
  • The page number should also be centralized
  • The page number should have one-inch margin from the bottom
  • The body of your text should be justified
  • You need to double space your paper
  • An acknowledgment can be of 100 words or even 400 words. There is no specific limit for an acknowledgment. It should be enough to cover the people and institution you want to dedicate your research to

These are all the important points you need to keep in mind when you write you acknowledgment. It is not hard to write this section of your dissertation. If you want to include the name of any family members, special inspirations, personalities, professors, classmates, institutions, you can. This is your free will to dedicate your dissertation and research work to anyone you want to. Just remember to mention your professor and the institute you are studying in.