How To Choose A Winning Macroeconomics Dissertation Topic

 Macroeconomics is a large view of how economics has changed through things like unemployment, income, production, inflation, and prices.  The best ways to choose any topic for any dissertation is to look at what is going on in the world today in the subject of macroeconomics and see what you could do your topic on.  You have to look back on all that you have learned over the years and find something that you learned that could be applied to today’s macroeconomics.  There I will give you a few topics that you can use as a starting point to choosing your topic.

Macroeconomic Topics

  • How do large companies that pay low wages affect their employees?  Since there has been a big debate over higher the minimum wage lately, this can be a great topic to dig deeper on.
  •  Getting rid of your credit cards and paying with cash or debit card.  There are some people that don’t have credit cards and just pay with cash or debit because they won’t buy something if they can’t afford it, is this helping or hurting the economy.
  •  Health insurance how much does it really cost the public?  This issue has been all over the news for years, but most people still don’t understand if universal health care will help or hurt us.
  •  If marijuana is legalized, will it boost local and state economies?  With two states already on the ban wagon, which has made a lot of money for their states, should it be legal everywhere to boost the economies of struggling cities and states.
  •  Freelancing in today’s economy.  The Internet has made freelance work easier to find, but the pay can be small sometimes.  Is this helping or hurting the worker?
  •  Are interest rates for student loans out of control?  The average graduate has at least sixty thousand dollars in loans, which they have to start paying on six months after they graduate.  Have schools become a major monopoly in the amount of debt the new working force is in once they start working.
  •   Is it really cheaper to outsource services overseas?  One of the main reasons for the recession is because companies are moving their operations overseas, where pay is cheaper but does it save the companies more money.
  •  How long will it take for the housing market to recover from the recession?  It is harder to get a loan for a mortgage now, and this is discouraging people from buy houses that can afford it.  Will the market ever recover from the bad decisions of many banks?