Dissertation proposal writing: common mistakes to avoid

Dissertation proposal writing is an important task for masters and PhD students. It is a difficult and important task which needs to be done carefully with hard work and maximum effort. Many students will make a lot of mistakes in dissertation proposal writing which will lead to a rejection of their dissertation. The following are some common mistakes to avoid while dissertation proposal writing.

  1. You must not start writing dissertation proposal writing if you do not have enough knowledge about the procedure of the proposal writing as you will face a lot of problems doing so. Therefore, before you start writing the proposal you must collect all related info about the process of the proposal writing process and then start writing it.
  2. Select a unique topic which is not selected by many students so that you can find new information on the topic. Therefore, select a topic which is different and appeals to the requirements of your professor.
  3. Never collect information from sources which are unauthentic because if you do so then you will not be able to provide correct and accurate data in your dissertation proposal and therefore you will not be able to impress your professor and you will not get his permission to start your final dissertation work.
  4. Do not include all the collected data in your dissertation proposal itself as this way you will include unnecessary details and make the proposal long and dull. You have to first write analyze the data you collected for the dissertation and then write the necessary and relevant data in your proposal.
  5. Never submit your dissertation proposal before you do proofreading at least 2 times as sometimes there are chances that you leave mistakes unconsciously while writing the dissertation proposal. Therefore, proof reading it 2 to 3 times will ensure that there are no mistakes in the proposal and so there are high chances your dissertation proposal will be accepted by your guide.

These are some common mistakes which you have to avoid while dissertation proposal writing if you want your proposal to be perfect and error free. If you have troubles writing your dissertation proposal then you can take the help and guidance of your supervisor and friends in order to meet the standards set by your professor for dissertation proposal writing. Dissertation proposal writing is a difficult task which has to be done carefully as the future of your dissertation depends on it.