How Do You Write A Thesis-A List Of Professional Advises

Writing a thesis can be a tough challenge. Getting started can be the hardest part, and there’s always the fear of writer’s block. Use this advice to help you get started, and keep going.

Pick a Topic For You

Picking the right topic is vital. If you choose something for the wrong reason you’ll find it harder to engage with it. Try to pick a topic that resonates with you, that you are passionate about. This passion will permeate through the paper and you’ll find you want to write about it.

Answer A Question, Raise A Point

Whatever topic you pick, your thesis should be trying to answer something or highlight an issue. You should have a general idea of an argument you are trying to make. Your paper is not just a facts-dump, it should be a place where your opinion on something shines through.


Before getting started have a massive brainstorming session where no idea is a bad idea. Jot down everything that comes to mind about your topic. Be open. Don’t close yourself off to something just yet.

Make A Detailed Plan

Take your brainstormed ideas and pick three major arguments. These three arguments are the backbone of your thesis. They should in some way support your argument. Break each point down into three smaller points and flesh each one out with sources and facts. Make sure you can complete your plan form beginning to end, as when the going gets tough you will be able to hark back to this plan and figure out what to do next.

Have Goals and Rewards

It’s easy to get bogged down in the work and suffer burnout. You want to be able to consistently pour out words most days of the week. So set yourself little targets. It can be just to write a few hundred words, or to finish off a chapter, or flesh out an idea. Whatever it is, when you get it done, reward yourself with something simple like a cup of coffee or a trip out to town. These little breaks will reduce the monotony and make you want to keep going.

Don’t Burnout

The worst thing you can do is pour everything into your first third and then blow out. Stick to getting a small bit done every day, chip it off one word at a time. Take the time off when you need it and do something that isn’t thesis writing. Otherwise, you’ll get too sick of it to finish. v