4 Basic Tips For Composing Dissertation Acknowledgements

Writing dissertation acknowledgements is a popular practice whenever you want to show your gratefulness to someone who has supported you during the creation process. Most authors mention a relative, a friend or even their advisor. Thus, most students consider including this section on their articles if the extension allows it. Let us review 4 basic but solid tips which will help you in the creation of this section.

  1. Pick the person to mention on this page
  2. Who do you want to refer to on this page? Who has supported you on the creation process of this document? Most importantly, who is the major contributor to your work? These questions are not always a simple to answer, you may require some thought on this topic in order to come up with one acknowledgement section of your own which condenses the adequate amount of elements in the mix.

  3. Choose an outline for the page
  4. The most common outline for this one-page section is a blank page with some text on it. When you have only a couple of lines to include, most authors pick a flush right setting for the text. You can also justify the text if you need to include a few paragraphs. As I have stated before, the election depends on the amount of text you will be including.

    When you have a short word count, consider flushing either right or left. On the other hand, justifying is adequate for longer texts. Kep in mind to set the paragraphs to less than 100 words to improve readability.

  5. Write a short draft and work on it
  6. Write the section, then work on the rest of the document. Last, come again to this section and modify what you consider necessary.

  7. Make a final decision about the page
  8. Now that you have reviewed the content and completed the document as a whole, you are ready to implement the final modifications in this section. Most of the time, one or two pages will suffice for this short acknowledgement section.

All in all, in a dissertation, you have the freedom to include an acknowledgements section to express gratitude. Moreover, you can also communicate your appreciation to their contribution in a few lines. It is a very short section which comprises plenty of emotion in a tiny container. Then, why should you not include this part in your upcoming essay?