Coming Up With Interesting Dissertation Topics On Criminology

Dissertations are an integral part of college level and master degree level final year based project. The topic chosen can be of your choice. It should be from the subject that you have been studying for the last few years. Suppose you are student of English Literature, you need to submit a final year’s project based on a topic from literature. It can be “fatal tragedies of Shakespeare” or about the ever immortal poems of John Keats. The choice of topic must be quite interesting and it should instil a sense of query amongst your readers at the very first glance.

Criminology is a great choice of topic. The people who are doing there degree with criminology has great chances both in the field and outside the field of criminology. The overall theme of the subject is quite interesting and you might come up with great new ideas which are quite good for your dissertation topics.

How to come up with a good topic

Well choice of topic is the most interesting and tough part of a dissertation. The students should be quite conscious about their choices and the basis on which they are picking up a topic.

  • You need to spend long hours in library and go through books about criminology to get a good topic. Picking a topic is not as easy as picking an apple from the tree, thought taste of both are sweet once tasted after the hard work. So choices matter.
  • The topic chosen should be instigating and a lead to a good sense of inquisitiveness amongst the readers. You need to search online topics; draw inference from them and you might come with a genuine one.
  • Read the books that have been provided by the college as part of your academic curriculum, you might get good topic from there too.
  • Have an idea and then discuss it with your mentor to come up with a good topic.

Some dissertation topics on criminology

  • The increasing underworld culture in the suburban of U.K and U.S.A.
  • The increase in the number of attacks on the Indians throughout the world.
  • Race discrimination and killing black people in South Africa, Unite Kingdom and Untied states of America.
  • How parental supervision leads to delinquency amongst the youth ultimately forcing them to be anti-social.
  • Childhood trauma might lead to increment in the tendency of criminal activities.
  • Discus about the history of gun control in countries like U.K. and U.S.A.
  • Right to arms should be mandatory human rights. Do you agree?