15 Unexpected Dissertation Topics On Banking And Finance

Banking and finance are not easy topics for any students, and most of them avoid them as much as they can. However, when you have to create a dissertation on these subjects, you need to take it very seriously. A dissertation is difficult in itself, not to mention when it evolves around such complicated issues. To find a topic that you can handle is not easy, but it is possible. These examples might be exactly what you need:

  1. Internet banking. Do you think that this is safe? It is well known that security systems can be hacked, and you can wake up without your money. Most of the time the banking will even refuse to pay you back.
  2. Bank loans. When it comes to this, people have different opinions. Some of them say that it’s a good option, while others avoid it at all costs.
  3. Life insurance. It’s pretty simple: you pay a small amount of money every month and if something happens to you, like an accident, they will give you a big amount of money.
  4. Pension. How can someone be sure that they will have a good pension after they retire?
  5. Taxes. Everyone is paying money every month for the government, but how is this money used?
  6. Contactless credit cards. As you know, in the last years people starting using a different type of credit cards. You don’t have to know the security code to use them, and this can be very dangerous.
  7. How to save money. This can be a very interesting topic for your classmates, since most of them are teenagers with a limited budget.
  8. Social benefits. Do you think that the government should stop paying money to people who do not work?
  9. Offshore accounts. Is this a safe way to save your money?
  10. The stocks. Explain to your classmates what is the system, and how they can take advantage of the stock level.
  11. Internet payments. As you know, you can get paid on the Internet very easily. Is this safe for you and your finances?
  12. Family savings. Explain to your classmates what their family can do to save some money in the next months.
  13. Private pension. This is a pretty new concept, but it is growing very fast. Explain it in your dissertation.
  14. Should we use only credit cards in the future?
  15. How to facilitate donations: is there something that banks can do to motivate people to donate more to charity?