How Do I Write A Dissertation By Myself

Your dissertation is an important piece of paper. It is what you use to convince your dissertation committee that you are fully capable of doing research on your own. You show them that you no longer need to your advisor to oversee your studies and that you can contribute something to your field.

Your goal is to show the committee that you have the following:

  • That you have defined an interesting research question in your field
  • That you have some value to offer your field in answering this research question
  • That you have a formulated hypothesis that you can test
  • That you have a method for testing your hypothesis

You might include a literature survey where you present the reader with a summary of the relevant research. This should be included in or near the introduction, so as to give the readers adequate background into what question your dissertation is covering and why it needs to be answered.

Remember to do thorough research so that your dissertation committee truly makes a difference in your field. Make sure your hypothesis is fully supported by the body of your text and that it is defended adequately. Remember that you need to convince your dissertation committee why your research topic is so important to the field.

Your dissertation needs to answer the following questions:

  1. What problem are you going to tackle with your writing?
  2. Why is this a problem?
  3. Why do you need to solve it?
  4. . Where are you going to get answers to this problem?
  5. Why is this research important to your field?

Once you have answered these questions it is time to get down to the research and the writing. Be sure to use myriad of sources for your research and that you do not confine yourself to one library or one type of primary source. Expand your research and use it to ensure you have hit every area of the background and the topic. When you sit down to write, remember to break down the writing into small, manageable chunks. You should take frequent breaks and only cover a small section or part of a section at a time. For example, one week you might set out to write the abstract and the introduction. The next week you might set out to write your methods section. Break it down into smaller pieces so that you are not overworked.