A List Of Unexplored Ideas For Your Phd Dissertation:

Finding the right thing to write the new thing is quite difficult to find especially if the person is willing to write a dissertation but he couldn’t wrap his mind about it and he is thinking is there anything that any one didn’t think about? Is he obliged to write a dissertation? Well no, but for the purpose of mankind it is a must.

More than 70% of the world has not yet been discovered like the sea which is still an enigma there are some species that we may not know about and some we do but the resources are limited and by that I mean the technology willing to help scientists go further in the deep see didn’t happen yet, well this is a field where the unexplored ideas are countless just pointing out the problem will be quite easy but this will work only if the scientist is in that flied, what I am aiming to say is each field have its own part that didn’t got discovered yet from science to literature to philosophy ... anything that a genius is not capable to wrap his mind around is capable of being put into a question and at the end either it gets an ok or gets rejected by the new facts of science that got discovered in past few years, trying to make a list of unexplored ideas is quite hard to get because as it’s been said before each field have its own questions that needs to be solved and the first that a person can ask is this ‘ with all this technology.

Why we are not capable of achieving anything we like ?’ ‘are taboos going to end soon ?’ ‘ Why is there a universe?’ ... a one can ask any kind of question he likes if there is no accurate response to it then it has not yet been achieved therefore anyone is allowed to then put into question and have his own research about it, just keep in mind that every question asked write it down because maybe one day there will be a solution for it, if it is the one who asked the question can solve or someone else.

What I mean is everyone is capable of making a list and it is not too late to say I have no Idea and I can’t find anything to write about.