Coming Up With Original Dissertation Topics: Some Great Ideas

In order for you to make your mark as a student with your dissertation, it is essential that you submit a paper that is beyond fantastic. It can be difficult to come up with a topic that is fresh and original; something that is brimming with creativity and that hasn't been done over and over. However, with a little bit of inspiration and imagination, it is possible to choose one that will put you right at the head of the class. Here are several great ideas on how to come up with an original dissertation topic that will be the talk of the university:

  • Work the angle: It is perfectly acceptable for you to take current research and come at it from a different point of view. The angle that you choose is what will make your paper unique. Finding a question that will be approved by your committee, and your professor can be easily accomplished by asking yourself what information you would love to know about your field of study the most. Which question grabs your attention and makes you want to find out the answer? What would make the largest contribution for others? For example, if you are searching for something in the sciences that is original, the development of a new instrument or advanced technique would be a huge step forward in your field.
  • Start general and narrow it down: Don't limit yourself right off the bat. Toss around a few good topic ideas and do some preliminary research to make sure that there will be a sufficient number of resources for you to tap into. Once you have decided exactly what needs to be done, narrow it down so that it is as specific as you can make it.
  • Banish boredom and stay objective: Be certain that you will be able to maintain interest in the research project that you have chosen. If not, eventually the quality of your work will suffer somewhere during the process. If you can get excited about the choice that you have made, it is likely that others in your field will be thrilled as well.
  • Look to the future: Many books and other written works come from the information contained in dissertations. Approach it as if you were going to write a book on the subject you have chosen. What would be a best-seller? Can you make it riveting and informative?

The best advice for originality is to think outside the box. Push the envelope and see what develops. Lastly, pay attention to the reactions of your committee members when you submit your proposal. If they can barely keep their eyes open, go back to the drawing board.